What is Amp Blogger Templates ?

What is Amp Blogger Templates

Hello Everyone, in this post I will share What is Amp Blogger Templates.

What is AMP Blogger Templates :-

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source or non-commercial project. amp blogger template is supported by Google to help website owners create web pages that open very quickly when accessed via mobile phone or smartphone.

On every website page that uses the AMP Blogger template, you can find three components.

Amp Html :-

AMP HTML is a simple HTML script but has a more limited use of html tag codes. Additionally, there are additional html tags specifically designed for AMP pages.

Amp JavaScript :-

The AMP service prohibits the installation of JavaScript code in POST as it is believed to reduce the response time on the server resulting in a significant reduction in page loading speed. To overcome this, a Javascript library in the form of AMP JS is used.

AMP Cache :-

AMP Cache service is currently provided only by Google. With AMP Cache, website pages will be cached on Google's servers. This affects the loading speed of the blog, just like when we open the site created by Google.

Should I use Amp Blogger Template in he Beginning ? :-

However, there is no direct relationship between the speed of appearing on the first page of Google (SERP) and SEO. Google and other search engines really like web pages that open quickly and give them more priority.

Coupled with the fact that Google itself has supported the AMP platform, however this feature has now been implemented in the Blogger platform as well. Now Blogger AMP support features. So there is no harm in using this AMP-based Blogger template. You can use it very easily.

For beginners, this AMP blogger template is useless. By default, Blogger does not provide AMP features. So you have to edit each post separately to make it a valid AMP. On AMP pages, the use of inline CSS scripts is prohibited. Similarly with JavaScript code, we cannot install it carelessly.

Conclusion :-

In this post I have told you all What is Amp Blogger Templates. So how did you like this post, you can tell by commenting.



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