How to Create Privacy Policy Page For Blog ?

How to Create Privacy Policy Page For Blogger and WordPress

Hello Everyone, on this occasion I will share How to Create Privacy Policy Page For Blogger and WordPress. Creating a privacy policy page on a blog is actually quite easy, but many beginner bloggers he does not know.

Adding a navigation menu that leads to the Privacy Policy page is very important for you to implement, especially for those of you who want to register as a Google Adsense publisher, as it is a mandatory thing that you need to know about Adsense. Need to know about. I need to know. Pages without privacy policy must be rejected before registering for registration for Google Adsense.

To create a privacy policy on a static blog page, you can directly generate the privacy policy for your blog and directly after using the privacy policy generator you can install it on your blog. So please read the post till theth end.

Is Privacy Policy Important to Blog ?

Is it important to create a Privacy Policy page on Blogspot And WordPress ? Some people consider this page important and some people don't. But in my personal opinion it is very important to create this privacy policy page for all blogs.

You can see the websites you visit frequently. They usually put this page on their website. Why these privacy policy pages are important is explained in more detail below. So you can easily understand by reading it.

What is Privacy Policy ?

The privacy policy can be a document or legal statement that discloses the ways in which a party collects or uses, discloses and manages customer or customer data. Personal information can be anything that can be used to identify an individual, but that person's name, address, date of birth, marital status, contact information, issue ID and expiration date, financial records, credit information, medical Information is not limited to medicine. Where one travels, and the intention to obtain goods and services. In a business case, this is often a statement stating a party's policy on how it collects, stores and releases the personal information it collects. It tells nearly all customers what specific information is collected and whether that information is kept private. Or it is shared with partners or sold to other companies. Privacy policies are generally the broader and more general way of detailing data usage.

The exact content of a particular Privacy Policy will depend on applicable law and may be required to meet requirements within geographic boundaries and legal jurisdiction. Most countries have their own laws and guidelines on who is covered, what information can be collected, and what information can be used. In general, data protection laws in Europe cover the private sector and the public sector.

According to some website experts, setting up a privacy policy is one of the requirements for a website to become an Adsense publisher. This includes Term of Service (TOS), Disclaimer, Sitemap and Contact Form pages. So you can create that page and put it on your website/blog.

How to Create Privacy Policy Page For Blogger and WordPress :-

Step 1 :- First Open Privacy Policy Generator Tool.
Step 2 :- Then Add Some Details.

Note :- Type Or Paste Your Website Details Like Website Name, Website Url And Your Business Email Id.

Step 3 :- After Click on Generate Button.
Step 4 :-And After Click on Copy Button.
Step 5 :- Then Login Your Blogger or WordPress Account.
Step 6 :- Then Click on Page Menu.
Step 7 :- Then Create a New Page.

Note :- Add Your Page Title And Description According To You Need.

Step 8 :- Then Click on Html View.
Step 9 :- Then Paste The Copeid Code.
Step 10 :- Finally Publish Your Page And See The Result.

Conclusion :-

In this post I have explained How to Create Privacy Policy Page For Blogger and WordPress. I Hope this tutorial can be useful for all Blogger And WordPress User. Thank You for Visiting Our Website.

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