How To Add Rating Schema Markup in Blogger ?

Hello Everyone, On this Occasion I will share with you all How To Add Rating Schema Markup in Blogger. The adding star ratings to articles on Blogger,

How To Add Rating Schema Markup in Blogger

Hello Everyone, On this Occasion I will share with you all How To Add Rating Schema Markup in Blogger. The adding star ratings to articles on Blogger, you can increase Google organic traffic and that of other search engines. Because the trick to show star rating in Google search results is a method of SEO, where blog articles will be easily visible to others, which will interest visitors to click on our posts.

I actually found many tutorials on how to do star rating on blogspot on google, most of the tutorials are out of date or no longer working properly and which are no longer valid in Structured Data Testing Tool or Rich Result Test.

So in this post I will share latest tutorial on how to create and display blog article star rating in google search results. If you want to put article star rating on your blog then read the post completely.

Benefits of Adding Star Ratings to Your Blog Articles :-

Google's Rich Snippets star rating has an impact on the performance of articles/blog posts in Google search results. This method may not have a direct or immediate effect, but you will feel some benefit from your blog by setting a star rating on future blog articles.

One of the benefits of setting a Rich Snippets review score on articles/blog posts is that it can increase organic traffic for Google and other search engines, as well as increase SEO scores. And there are many other benefits that come from establishing a star rating on blog articles.

Here are the benefits after installing a review score / star rating using the structure on blog articles in google search results :

  • You can increase the SEO Score of the blog.
  • May attract visitors / visitors to click on our articles in Google search results.
  • Can increase visitors / organic visitors from both Google, Bing and others.
  • Can increase the ranking of blog articles in google search results.
  • Google AdSense can increase revenue from both MGID and other ad networks.
  • Other Benefits You can prove yourself yes.

How To Add Rating Schema Markup in Blogger :-

Step 1 :- First of All Go To Blogger.Com And Login Your Account.
Step 2 :- Then Click on Theme Menu After Click on Edit Html.
Step 3 :- Then find the </head> Tag and paste the code above it.
<script type='application/ld+json'>
    "@context": "",
    "@type": "CreativeWorkSeries",
    "url": "<data:blog.url/>",
    "name": "<data:blog.pageTitle/>",
    "alternateName": "<data:blog.pageTitle/>",
    "description": "<data:blog.metaDescription/>",
    "inLanguage": "id",
    "aggregateRating": {
    	"@type": "AggregateRating",
    	"ratingValue": "5",
    	"bestRating": "5",
    	"worstRating": "0",
   	"ratingCount": "2546",
    	"reviewCount": "2546"
    "author": {"@type": "Person", "name": "Smart Tech Mukesh"},
    "publisher": {"@type": "Organization", "name": "<data:blog.title/>"}
Step 4 :- Then Don't Forget to Click on Save Theme.

Change Above Marked Code :-

Change the value or number that I have marked above.

  • "ratingValue" to display the star rating score.
  • "bestRating" to set the best rating, for example a rating of 5 or 10.
  • "worstRating" to set the number of low ratings.
  • "ratingCount" to set the number of ratings.
  • "reviewCount" to set the number of reviews.
  • "name" : change with the name of the blog author.

Important Notice For Rating Schema Indexing in Google :-

You need to know, even though you have successfully installed the rich snippet script from the, the star score will not immediately appear under the title of your blog post when viewed on the google search engine. You have to wait about 1 week or even more up to 1 month, depending on how fast Google re-crawls your article. Then, if you want to speed up the re-crawling process, you can re-inspection your article in Google Search Console.

Conclusion :-

In this post I have shared with you all How To Add Rating Schema Markup in Blogger . So how did you all like this post, you can tell by commenting. If you have any question then you can comment your question. Thanks for visiting our website.

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