How to Increase Blog Loading Speed With Expires Header

Hello Everyone, on this occasion I will share how to increase blog loading with Expire Header. Today, most readers prefer web pages that can be opened quickly. Access speed is also sometimes a factor in why traffic only stops a certain number of times.

I have created methods that can be used to speed up access using AMP services or with DNS prefetch.

One of the most frequently seen warnings when checking blog speed is leverage browser caching, whether using GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights.

What is Leverage Browser Caching ?

The name is caching, the term is a description of the time of a browser in loading a page of writing. The faster the time required, the better the quality.

Now, to overcome these warnings, a special script is needed which is commonly called Expires Headers.

What is Expires Header ?

The Expires header is a type of script that is useful for saving a variety of text components in the browser. Now when a visitor opens the page, the loading process of your blog may be faster depending on the data already stored.

Typically, the stored data can be in the form of CSS, JavaScript, images or videos. If you use such scripts on your blog, then the loading speed of your blog may increase slightly as compared to before.

How to Increase Blog Loading Speed With Expires Header ?

Step 1 :- First Go To Blogger.Com.
Step 2 :- After Login Your Account.
Step 3 :- After Click on Theme Menu.
Step 4 :- Then Click on Edit Html.
Step 5 :- Then Paste The Given Html Code Under The <head> Tag.
<include expiration="7d" path="*.css"/>
<include expiration="7d" path="*.js"/>
<include expiration="3d" path="*.gif"/>
<include expiration="3d" path="*.jpeg"/>
<include expiration="3d" path="*.jpg"/>
<include expiration="3d" path="*.png"/>
<meta http-equiv="expires" content="fri, 02 jun 2023 00:00:00 GMT"/>
Step 6 :- Then Don't Forget to Click on Save Theme.

Conclusion :-

Based on my experience, it takes about a day for the browser to install the Expires headers. So it's not as immediate as setting up lazy load on a blog.

In this post I have explained How To Increase Blog Loading With Expires Header in Blogger. Hope this tutorial can be useful for you all and thank you for visiting our website.