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Smart Tech Mukesh has provided a new opportunity for all bloggers to increase traffic or make Guest Author (guest post) as portfolio writer, Which is absolutely free.

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Benefits of Free Guest Post ?

It doesn't have any material benefits that you can get. However, I can only provide 1 outbound link (dofollow backlink) for your site or blog. In addition, you help others indirectly by the knowledge you share through this blog.

What Topic You Can Write on SmartTechMukesh ?

  • Blogging
  • Tutorial
  • (Quality tutorial Material Belongs to the Author, Not a Rewrite).

  • Social Media
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Internet
  • Experience
  • (Author's Experience, Not Rewrite.)

  • Computer or Laptop Tips
  • Web Design (Html, Css, JavaScript)

If you want to be a Guest Writer, How Can you do That ?

In order to be able to create guest post articles you have to comply with a number of terms and conditions. You can read more details below.

Free Guest Post Terms :-

Blogger content creators who want to get free backlinks by writing articles on Site must fulfill the Below Mentioned conditions:

  • First Follow Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Telegram Social Media Accounts.
  • The subject of the article should be as per the Above Provisions.
  • The article must be at least 500 Words or More.
  • Articles Must be well written correctly in English.
  • Articles must be original, not the result of copy and paste, and must not be Published on any other site.
  • Please include at least 1 image with image source (thumbnail) (image is not taken from another site).
  • Include at least 3 images with image sources for tutorial material or tips.
  • All responsibility for articles and images belongs to the guest authors.
  • Only 1 Dofollow Link for Your Site.
  • SmartTechMukesh.Com Rights To:
    • Make SEO Changes.
    • Add tags.
    • Adding a Link (very rare).
    • Make changes when there is inappropriate article content.
    • Decide whether guest post articles are accepted or not.
    • Specifies the Publication date.
    • Make changes to the article according to the language style of
  • end the Guest Post or Guest Article in Words format to email with The subject "[Guest Post] – Title" Along with Complete author Data or Credit for Backlink. is not responsible for the correctness of the contents of the writing, the contents of the free guest post are entirely the responsibility of the author.

Articles already published on this site are not allowed to be republished on other sites.