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Qna Forum

Welcome to Smart Tech Mukesh Qna Forum. This Forum was Created for Out of Topics / Off Topics. You can Make a Post / Comment or Answer Comments here.


  1. Welcome To Qna Forum
  2. Where are you from and how much do you earn per month from blogger
    1. We are interested to know about blogging, we do not earn any money from blogging right now. We have shared all the post for the sake of people and our knowledge.
  3. Write post on quick post bookmark option
    1. Yes, I will soon share a post on this topic with all of you. Please wait some time.
  4. Give a way to make license system on blogger themes.
    1. There may be many posts on this topic on the internet, please go to those posts. We have no right way on this subject.
    2. We want you to make a tutorial on this question. We are not getting the answer
    3. We do not have any information on this topic, this may be possible in the future.
  5. How to add Qna Forum to median ui v1.6 blogger template?
    1. Just Create a Blogger Static Page and Enable Blogger Comments on Your Qna Forum Page.
  6. how to create this type of forum in blogger
    1. Just Create a Blogger Static Page and Enable Blogger Comments on Your Page.
  7. Firstly love u Brother. Bro, How you get AdSense Approve in download site? Kindly Response. What procedure should follow to get AdSense?
    1. Profile Visibility Required For Qna Forum.
  8. Hello admin, please make a tutorial like this website voice search feature
  9. How to add Qna Forum like this to median ui v1.6 blogger template? The pages does not show comment section even if it's allowed
    1. Profile Visibility Required For Qna Forum.
  10. how to change icon in median ui 1.5
    1. Go to Median Ui Official Documentation Site Jago Desain, Then Find Svg Icons Code List Post. After Choose Icons Or Replace Now.
  11. Hi
    1. Hello
  12. hello how I can add footer like you home menu and other stuff

    Plese Teach Me I also Use Medium ui1.6

    or if Possible Than Plese Share You Theme mail -: novoempire0@gmail. com
    1. I m Using Median UI Blogger Template. You Need So to Google
  13. write articles about footer home menu and staff Plese Fast
  14. How can i make qna page like yours? can you make article about it please.
  15. Hello
  16. Bro I want to make qna forum page but comment option not showing
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